Victoria Barns - 7 New Barn Conversions - 3 Paddocks - Fabulous Open views

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Victoria Barns

7 barn conversions

3 paddocks

2, 3 and 4 beds units

Fabulous open views

10 year warranty

Plentiful Parking

External storage units

Now Sold

Ariel view of a row of converted barns

The Victoria Barns development consists of 7 barns in a small complex within some 4 acres of land.

The 19th century barns have original features constructed of red brick, sandstone, plain tiles and king-post roofs. The barns are a great example of the farm buildings of lowland Staffordshire where locally procured, artisan materials added to the character of rural construction.

All of the barns have been completely refurbished with a complete strip out back to bare brick by local craftsmen. The bricks have been acid cleaned and repointed throughout.

The History

These Victorian barns were originally the project of an aristocrat of Staffordshire, Francis Monckton. He was a philanthropist committed to improving agriculture. He dreamt of these barns as the model production hub for the new century, the 20th century. They would work with the new farmhouse that he was creating, giving his tenant family, the new businessman farmer, the latest in agricultural techniques and processes. It was a mutually beneficial philanthropy - though – by giving the very best to his tenants he could command a better rent.

And, so it was that between 1900 and 1901 the complex of barns and this farmhouse were created. The buildings had high ceilings, were generously proportioned, airy and designed for the latest techniques in husbandry. The farmhouse was built at a time of renewal. The country had passed through an agricultural depression caused by the import of cheap grain from America and the new arrivals of frozen meats from the Antipodes. 

But by 1900 a new spirit of optimism was in the air. It was driven by the success of the industrial revolution and the demands of the new townsfolk sharing in fresh products delivered from model farms.

Parsley Barn

Brick built barn with an arched doorway

Parsley Barn is an imposing 3 floor barn, with a small patio and garden area. There are massive exposed oak beams and trusses throughout. It also has a dedicated 9m long area in the Activity Complex.

Sage Barn

Brick built barn with a giant feature arched window

Sage Barn is an imposing barn, with a hugely impressive 3 floor arched window. It has it's own private driveway and has a dedicated 9m long area in the Activity Complex.

Rosemary Barn

Barn from outside with a giant arched glass window

Rosemary Barn is a triple storey barn with an amazing feature 3 floor arched glass feature streaming light in from the landscaped courtyard. It also has a dedicated, 9m long area in the Activity Complex.

Thyme Barn

Barn occupying a corner plot with path and flowers

Thyme Barn offers modern living in an idyllic setting with views out over the impressive English countryside. It also has a dedicated, 9m long area in the Activity Complex.

Lavender Barn

Barn set around a landscaped courtyard

Lavender Barn is a single storey barn on the development. There are massive windows and oak beams throughout with an open plan living area. It also has a dedicated, 9m long area in the Activity Complex, together with a dedicated garden and access to the landscaped courtyard area.

Marigold Barn

Detached barn set around a landscaped courtyard

Marigold Barn is an idyllic detached bungalow set it in its own grounds with dedicated access from the road, whilst sharing all of the facilities that the complex offers including the dedicated 9m long area in the Activity Complex.

Chamomile Barn

Detached brick barn with private lawn area

Chamomile Barn is a stunning addition to the complex with its own patio and private garden.