The top team at Warm Beautiful Homes  are dedicated to helping our customers get the best possible experience from their new homes.


We strive to make things as easy as possible for you and we’re always available if you need any help, or have a question.
We are knowledgeable real people based in Walsall with decades of business experience who will deal with anything, big or small.




David Hill, the Chairman, is a serial entrepreneur having run several successful companies in property, construction and IT.  He founded Warm Beautiful Homes and has worked relentlessly to ensure it’s success ever since. He wanted to create homes that people could really feel proud to live in – not boxes on estates.

David continues to pursue other interests in commerce and charity.


David says: “I stand for long term business, building for the future. Business is far, far, more than just a profit stream. It is about delivering success for us all. Our future is based on the belief that in a changeable world sound values, sound finance and integrity will always succeed.”


General Manager


Chris joined the team  to develop the General Manager role within the business. Previously, working in a challenging management role after having studied forensic science, he is able to deliver hands on people skills to the company and ensure that the “customer first” paradigm of the business is delivered. He is the first point of call for new customers.


Chris says:  “It is a breath of fresh air to be thinking of developing a business where I can make a real difference to the way businesses and especially startups develop. There are some really exciting new developments happening all of the time.”


Group Accountant


Angela came on board at the beginning.  She has gained a wealth of experience in finance and accounting during her successful career. Her employment began in retailing, working for James Beattie in Wolverhampton with later moves into construction and the manufacturing industry. Angela is now keen to bring her skills to the rapidly expanding world of telecommunications.


Angela says, “This is a very challenging and exciting time for me and I am looking forward to continue working with Warm Beautiful Homes very dedicated and successful team. I will be providing them with continuing up to the minute accurate financial information and support to ensure the company is in the best position to grow and move forward. This will enable us to fulfil our potential as I believe we will.”

Warm Beautiful Homes Ltd is headquartered in our group building in Green Lane, Walsall