Customer Care Policy

We want to provide you with a great beautiful warm home and make the buying process as simple as possible.

We will:

  • Endeavour to ensure all our marketing and advertising is clear and truthful
  • Give you clear information on our structure and who to contact
  • Give you detailed information about the home you are buying including any choices you may have
  • Our legal representatives will draw up the contract for the sale to be clear and fair, comply with all relevant legislation and give you details of your rights
  • Give you information on buying your home, maintaining your new home, details of warranties and guarantees and our service
  • Invite you to talk over any aspects and answer any questions you may have
  • Provide an after sales service including a complaints process if you feel you haven’t received the service you should have


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ICW 10 Year Structural Warranty

All Warm Beautiful Homes come with 10 year residential development warranty that covers the structural elements of the building underwritten by ICW.

The warranty covers the cost of correcting defects that may occur in any crucial structural elements, from the walls and foundations to the windows and roofing.

In the unlikely event of a structural issue the residential warranty fully covers the costs involved in its correction. It covers everything from your rebuilding works, design alteration fees, to the removal, storage and re-installation of contents and alternative accommodation while the works are carried out.

ICW Further Information

To see the The ICW Warranty Leaflet click here

To see the ICW Leaflet Getting To Know Your Home click here

2 Year Workmanship Warranty

The conditions below describe the scope of our warranty. They do not affect your statutory rights. These warranty conditions apply to homes purchased from Warm Beautiful Homes Ltd

We provide warranty cover subject to the following conditions:

We will rectify or provide financial compensation for defects affecting the home and any common areas which are clearly attributable to material and/or workmanship faults, provided they are reported immediately after being identified, and within 24 months of the date of purchase (the “Warranty Period”). In the unlikely event that alternative accommodation is required we will provide it or compensation. Further, in the unlikely event that further professional fees are required to rectify the defects then we will provide further compensation for this.

The items covered by your warranty are:

  • electrical wiring and connections
  • equipment and fixtures for the collection and distribution of gas, water, heating and ventilation
  • drains
  • other mechanical and electrical apparatus that are intended to be lasting—
  1. including boilers; and
  2. excluding lifts
  • wall partitions
  • internal windows
  • plaster applied to walls and ceilings
  • tiling to walls, floors or ceilings
  • other floor coverings that are intended to be lasting
  • internal and external doors
  • finishes to surfaces
  • fixtures

None of the items are covered where the defect is due to:

  • damage caused by others or other machinery or vehicles
  • the item not being serviced as required
  • misuse of the item or using the item for other than it’s intended purpose
  • poor maintenance and/or cleaning and/or neglect
  • alterations or additions to the item or the property
  • a failure to report a defect promptly
  • storm, wind or other weather damage
  • incorrect water, gas or electricity supply pressures or voltages
  • pipe blockages
  • anything that would be considered wear or tear
  • is outside the 2 year warranty period

What’s not covered under your warranty?

  • Gates, fences, curtains, blinds, plants and planting
  • Any alterations to your property after you bought it