Sympathetic property restoration

About Us


Providing quality homes for discerning people.

We are a team of midlands based people who seek, manage and develop new and interesting properties to a high standard. We are straightforward and make decisions rapidly. The owner is David Hill who has a life time of experience in the UK property sector. David says, “We want to deliver a step change in value to our customers, delivering high standard properties, developed with sympathy and style. No one aspires to live in a square box on an estate”


Manage and develop new and interesting properties to a high standard


Warm Beautiful Homes staff are committed to delivering flexible terms to our customers whilst providing the most competitively priced properties. Working with others benefits everyone and is at the heart of our warm and beautiful projects. We want to be the developer that people of integrity want to deal with. We ensure that all of our projects comply with and exceed where possible all Health and Safety and Environmental standards. We also meet all building control standards. We are a considerate developer and seek to work with all the stakeholders to improve the built environment for us all.


Warm Beautiful Homes Ltd have a Customer Care Policy which you can find and download here.


We are committed to being the sustainable developer and are work to integrate sustainability into all of our business practices. This approach allows us to deliver better homes and a stronger business for the long term.