A Winter Checklist For Your Home

Before the really bad weather sets in you might want to read this checklist to make sure you are prepared.

Keep Warm

Make sure that your loft and walls are well insulated.

Make sure you have adequate heating. Maybe get a spare fan heater.

Get any damp patches treated

Get your boiler serviced and make sure that your heating system is in tip-top condition. Make sure radiators are bled.

Secure your outside space 

Make sure your rubbish and recycling bins are stored somewhere safe and if they do blow over they won’t do any damage.

Make sure that any plant pots and plants won’t get blown over.

Bring in any tender plants.

Look at any low hanging branches on trees and how secure the trees are. If they are not looking in the best of shape, maybe cut off doubtful branches.

Look at your fences – are they in good repair – will they blow over in a storm.

Is your car going to be parked safely away from anything possibly falling on it?

Clear fallen leaves away before they become a hazard.

Make sure you have a shovel to hand for any fallen snow – and maybe some salt for those icy patches.


You should make sure you know where your stopcock is – so if the worst happens you can stop a leak becoming a flood.

Check your gutters and drains are working properly and aren’t blocked.

Make sure any pipes that could burst are well insulated.

Check over the tiles on your roof – and the rest of the roof. Is there any evidence of damp penetration? The sooner any problems are spotted the less expensive they are to sort.

Prepare For The Worst

Prepare for a power cut. Get some candles in and a torch. 

Keep some cans of food around.

 Make sure that you have adequate insurance

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