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Whilst there remains much uncertainty regarding the duration of the current Government guidelines, we would like to reassure everyone that we remain fully open for business during this period. If you have any questions regarding either new or existing properties, just let us know by emailing the following address and we will be delighted to help: admin@wbh1.co.uk


My priorities are of course the well-being of our small team, the continued effective management of  the company, the continued progress in new developments,  as well as being a responsible member of the communities in which we operate.

With the experience we have of remote working we are offering to help any clients with the implementation of remote working programs for free for the duration of the crisis.

Over the coming weeks we will be here to answer any of your questions.  Our team will continue to actively monitor and manage all of our existing developments and plan for new ones.

David Hill, Chairman Warm Beautiful Homes






Wild Rose House In The Press

Buying Your Home

The process for buying a home in England is complicated, time consuming and can be very frustrating. At Warm Beautiful Homes we want to minimise the pain and anguish. We want customrers  to own their new home, without looking back at the process and shuddering.

So, not only will we prepare all of the necessary documents and certificates rapidly but we will try to work with the whole team to make sure that there are no misunderstandings. Solicitors and conveyancers tend to fire off emails to each other to move the process forward when sometimes it takes a little nudge to move it forward. We are always there trying to make it easier and talking to people allows us to give that nudge where it is needed.

We have prepared a guide to the process of buying a property from Warm Beautiful Homes so that we all know what is needed and how the process works. I am sure we would all wish that the process was simpler and if we could make it easier we would do so. The guide is here https://wbh1.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Buying-process-for-web.pdf


Bioethanol Fires

Bioethanol fires give a live flame created by burning ethanol. Ethanol is a fuel derived from the fermentation of crops and food waste. It is a renewable and a green product. The fires  are suitable for a wider range of properties including rental homes, as they do not need a chimney or flue. You do still have to consider ventilation though.

They are the closest thing to a real fire and much greener and cleaner than gas They are perfect for customers who want a lovely fire without the hassle of wood burning or gas fireplaces. They avoid  the expense of lining a chimney or the mess of cleaning it out

The fuel is about £2.50 a litre which will give you about  2.5 kw per hour for about £1.50. So it’s probably not a good idea as a prime heating source.

Unlike the other flame sources bioethanol burners can be very inexpensive to buy – starting at £60 and heading on upwards to several thousand pounds. You do tend to get more flames for less initial investment

Final Offer At Flower Barns, Yew Tree

The Flower Barns At Yew Tree are 5 barn conversions set in the most stunning English countryside adjacent to the Cannock Chase area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The development runs to over 3 acres with 3 paddocks, 2 two bedroom conversions, 1 three bed and, 2 four bed. They were priced between £285K and £450K. They were being released as they are completed but 4 have already been sold. We are awaiting completion on 2 and 2 have now completed. Thank you to our fantastic customers.

The final unit, Jasmine Barn,  has just been been released. The interest has been phenomenal. The Coronavirus has thrown a spoke in the works and viewings have been restricted. However you can still read more about this the  final opportunity here https://wbh1.co.uk/jasmine/

Victoria Barns

Victoria Barns are a new conversion of existing barns in Coven adjacent to Wild Rose House. We have just received full planning permission for conversion of the barns to 6 properties and are now busy complying with those conditions. We are also working with our professional team to ensure that the designs meet our aspirations for great homes that our owners can enjoy for decades to come. We are now working towards obtaining planning permission for a further 3 properties on the site. It is a given that they will be well built and benefit from our 6 fold reassurance plan.

Whilst we are seeking expressions of interest it is too soon yet for any sales to proceed.

The Road Ahead

We are seeking other development opportunities where we can add real value to create real sustainable and desirable homes within a countryside setting. We are happy to pay finders fees and do make decisions rapidly.

Warm Beautiful Homes will continue to provide first class, unique properties for discerning customers using traditional techniques. There will be more positive news to share as the year progresses.


You can download the April Newsletter in pdf click/tap here

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