The Home Buying Process

The process for buying a home in England is complicated, time consuming and can be very frustrating. At Warm Beautiful Homes we want to minimise the pain and anguish. We want you to own your new home, without looking back at the process and shuddering.

So, not only will we prepare all of the necessary documents and certificates rapidly but we will try to work with the whole team to make sure that there are no misunderstandings. Solicitors and conveyancers tend to fire off emails to each other to move the process forward when sometimes it takes a little nudge to move it forward. We are always there trying to make it easier and talking to people allows us to give that nudge where it is needed.

I have prepared a guide to the process of buying a property from Warm Beautiful Homes so that we all know what is needed and how the process works. I am sure we would all wish that the process was simpler and if we could make it easier we would do. At least this guide should help us all see where we are and what needs to be done. I suggest that you may also wish to use it as a checklist for what is to be done next.

David Hill, February 2020

Download pdf now – click here

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