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Freehold Only

I believe that when a customer buys one of our homes that they should be able to enjoy it, worry free for as long as they want. This means that we will sell the freehold of a property – which gives the owner as many rights as possible. Further than that where there are common areas, such as an entrance road, we will transfer the ownership of those areas to a management company which is owned by the property owners. This means that the owners control their own costs and have a share in a larger freehold which adds to the value of their property.

The background to this declaration is that an investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA)  has found “troubling evidence” that leasehold homeowners and prospective buyers were being misled and charged excessive fees by developers.

Warm Beautiful Homes stands for clarity in the home buying process. We want our customers to understand their property and enjoy the ownership. We go out of our way to impose as few restrictions as we can. The sale of leasehold properties is difficulty to justify and often traps the owner because no lender will raise a loan on the property. We deplore this situation – which is why we will only sell properties on a freehold basis.

David Hill, Chairman Warm Beautiful Homes






Wild Rose House In The Press


6 Fold Reassurance Launched

We want our customers to enjoy their new homes free from any worries.

To provide even more reassurance than others we have this six fold  guarantee.

1) ICW 10 Year Warranty

All our properties come with a 10 year structural warranty from ICW. ICW currently insure over 10,000 projects and are recognised by 97% of mortgage lenders.

2) ICW 2 Year Workmanship Warranty

3) Building Control

4) Manufacturers Warranties

5) Emergency Call Out Cover

6) Warm Beautiful Homes Customer Care Policy

You can read much more on our website here

Continuity In The Countryside

We are all about creating beautiful homes in the countryside. We preserve and renovate what is good and thoughtfully upgrading interior to modern standards. These are places where people want to live sustainable lives with room to grow to their true potential but also to grow new plants and trees.

We use sustainable materials, recycling where we can and where not seeking sustainable recyclable products. This is all about continuity in the countryside.

Last Chance At Flower Barns

The Flower Barns At Yew Tree are 5 barn conversions set in the most stunning English countryside adjacent to the Cannock Chase area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The development runs to over 3 acres with 3 paddocks, 2 two bedroom conversions, 1 three bed and, 2 four bed. They were priced between £285K and £450K. They were being released as they are completed but 4 have already been sold subject to completion.

The final unit, Jasmine Barn, is just about to be released. The interest has been phenomenal. As we write it is still available but we confidently predict it will not last for more a couple of days before it is sold. You can read more about the final opportunity here

The three paddocks, amounting to over three acres are available still for separate purchase.

Victoria Barns

Victoria Barns are a new conversion of existing barns in Coven adjacent to Wild Rose House. We have just received full planning permission for conversion of the barns to 6 properties and are now busy complying with those conditions. We are also working with our professional team to ensure that the designs meet our aspirations for great homes that our owners can enjoy for decades to come. We are now working towards obtaining planning permission for a further 3 properties on the site. It is a given that they will be well built and benefit from our 6 fold reassurance plan.

Whilst we are seeking expressions of interest it is too soon yet for any sales to proceed.

The Road Ahead

We are seeking other development opportunities where we can add real value to create real sustainable and desirable homes within a countryside setting. We are happy to pay finders fees and do make decisions rapidly.

Warm Beautiful Homes will continue to provide first class, unique properties for discerning customers using traditional techniques. There will be more positive news to share as the year progresses.


You can download the March Newsletter in pdf click/tap here

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