Answering Tough Questions

Answering The Tough Questions That House Buyers Ask On Wild Rose House

The Home Owners Alliance ( has a series of questions to ferret out the truth from a house seller or their agent. So, we’re going to answer them for Wild Rose House.

Why is the owner selling?

At Warm Beautiful Homes we spend our time developing fantastic, interesting, unique properties. We need to sell our developments to discerning purchasers so we can develop more.

Is there anything that you would want to know about the house if you were buying?

There is so much to know about Wild Rose House – this is not a typical estate house. It is located close to Wolverhampton in the middle of an area of Green Belt. The house has an amazing walled garden surrounding it and guaranteeing privacy and security, and the opportunity to grow climbing plants – maybe roses or nectarines. Within a few miles the area has a major train line, the M54, the A449 and a number of canals. These allow easy access to the property but do create some traffic noise.

Clearly there are never going to be any problems with near neighbours – there aren’t any. The neighbouring fields that adjoin the property are farmed for dairy cattle and occasionally sheep.

The land associated with the property has great potential for alternative uses including stabling and growing plants and crops. It is a fantastic wild life habitat and owners may want to encourage the wildlife that thrives in the area. The water table is fairly high and this may encourage the development of a wildlife pool. You may need planning approval to carry out these ideas.

Exactly what is included in the sale?

Everything a potential buyer sees including 2 acres of  land is included in the sale. We have plans for future stables that are available. There are further guarantees included in the sale including emergency call out cover and a ten year structural warranty.

How long has the property been on the market?

The property was first marketed in late 2019 – and was immediately snapped up by a potential buyer but the sale fell through.

How long have the owners lived there?

The house which has been completely refurbished to the highest possible standards has never been occupied since refurbishment. It is a new blank book awaiting a new owner to write the next chapter.

Has the property repeatedly changed hands?

The house was sold at auction for refurbishment in 2018 – it had never been on the open market before that date.

How did they decide on an asking price?

We met with multiple estate agents to obtain valuations and carried out an extensive exercise seeking comparators. Clearly with a property as unique as this we were keen to ensure that we provided a purchaser with a great value proposition.

What is the minimum price the seller will accept?

We are actively seeking a sale and will be happy to discuss the value proposition including further land and property.

What offers have they had so far?

There has been considerable interest

When do the sellers have to move out?

The property is immediately available but there is no hurry for the sale.

Can you speak directly to the sellers?

Yes, please do

Which way does the property face?

Wild Rose House stands four square with aspects in all directions. The owner can enjoy  drinks on the terrace as the sun sets, wake up to the dawn as it breaks from the master bedrooms and grow amazing espalier peaches on the south facing walls of the garden.

Have any major works been conducted?

The house has been given a back to bricks massive refurbishment giving it all of the luxury of 21st century trophy asset together with all the charm of a Victorian Gentlemen’s residence

Is the property listed? If so, what grade is it? And is it in a conservation area?

No, the property isn’t listed. If the property is in a conservation area you should find out what restrictions apply.

 How much is the Council Tax? And how much are utility bills in the area?

The council tax varies from year to year – the property is band F and the bills are around two and a half thousand. The utility bills are negotiable with the supplier but they are as usual.

Can they explain the Energy Performance Certificate?

The EPC has been carried out in accordance with requirements – the house meets all of the relevant standards.

How old is the property?

The property was first built in 1900 and refurbished completely in 2018-19

Can you try the taps?

Yes please do

Have any of the rooms been redecorated recently? If so, why?

All of the property has been completely refurbished and redecorated

Can you move the furniture and have a peek under the rugs?

There is no furniture.

Have there been any problems with the boiler recently?

No, the boiler is brand new and has a warranty.

How new or how sturdy are the drains and guttering?

Drains and gutters are new

Do you have noisy neighbours?

There are no neighbours!

What can they tell you about the local neighbourhood?

There is just too much to tell you about the area. It has all local amenities, schools, churches, hospitals, libraries, historic houses and shopping locally together with great access to get anywhere across the globe rapidly.

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