The Menace Of Leylandii

One day in 1966 Frank and Paul * went down to the garden centre and bought 10 young Leylandii seedlings in pots. They spent half a crown each on buying the 10 trees. They went back to Frank’s house and planted them in a line in front of the hedge.

They stood back and admired their handy work and promptly forgot all about them. Occasionally Frank would say to Paul – they are growing well – perhaps we should trim them back. But, hey, life takes over and they did nothing. The trees continued to grow and grow down the years.

Leylandii Dominate HouseOver 50 years later I bought the trees along with the house and the extensive grounds. They were now taller than the house and twice as ugly! I called in the tree surgeons and they all agreed that these monsters had to go – they couldn’t be trimmed. Worse than that they all agreed they couldn’t be felled – they had to come down bit by bit.

And so it was that a van appeared with a cherry picker and the chain saws buzzed away for a day.
A massive pile of branches and trunks appeared. Then they had to go – so a JCB spent the next day, all day carting away the monstrous pile.

With all of this activity, the lawn was completely destroyed. And it got worse as the JCB ripped out the massive roots of the trees. It was a moonscape. We had to import topsoil and then returf.

All in all the £1.25 purchase cost us £3,000 to get rid of. A leylandii is for life – not to buy and forget.

(* Frank is Frank Price who owned the farm and Paul is Paul Whale, his trusted right hand man.)

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