1953 The Wonder Book Of The Farm

The year is 1953. Britain is still recovering from the second world war. Optimism is everywhere – a new and better world is being created with a partnership between science and farming. As a child they gave me books which encapsulated the spirit of the age – what a wonder to be growing up into this idyll.  One of these books was part of the Wonder series- The Wonder Book Of The Farm. It sat alongside the others in the series with titles such as “the Wonder Book Of Bible Stories”, “The Wonder Book Of Aircraft” and “The Wonder Book Of Railways”.

A quick word about the image with the giant chimney. This was a device for keeping the frost off fruit trees. Basically you burnt a lot of paraffin and the fug and heat thus created kept the frost away. I don’t think you can still do this!

The graphic images just ooze the spirit of the age. Enjoy!



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