Why We Chose Electric Combi Boilers

Why We Chose An Electric Combi Boiler Heating System

We chose to fit an electric combination boiler system to the Flower Barns At Yew Tree because:

  • The system is the most environmentally friendly system available
  • It can use completely green electricity and emits no carbon dioxide
  • It requires no tanks, flues or external vents
  • Running costs are competitive

It is great to know that the barns are ahead of the government’s requirements to phase out the use of gas. The government currently have announced that no new gas boilers will be allowed in new properties by 2025. So using electric combi boilers is quite simply “doing the right thing”.

What Is An Electric Combi Boiler System?

An electric combi boiler system uses electricity to heat water, which is then available for washing and also for heating the home. Water is fed into a tank within the boiler unit where it is heated and then supplied to pipes that run under the floor downstairs and upstairs to radiators. This gives you water based underfloor heating, downstairs which is intrinsically thermally efficient. The system is pressurised and so gives good flows of water, allowing excellent showers to operate.

The whole systems has an array of controls to control, the temperatures, operating conditions and time of operation.

We Choose Heatrae Sadia Electromax Electric Flow Boilers

Heatrae Sadia Electromax is a fully packaged unit and comes factory fitted with electric boiler, Duplex stainless steel hot water cylinder, and pre-plumbed factory fitted circulating pump, central heating and domestic hot water controls.

The benefits of this electric combi boiler system are:

    • Compact space saving
    • Controllable, efficient wet central heating
    • Intrinsically safer than gas
    • Does not need maintenance checks like gas or oil boilers
    • No requirement for annual gas safety certificate
    • Cost effective
    • Easy to manage
    • Pressurised hot water
    • No flue and no fuel tanks2 year warranty
    • Made in the UK
    • Front control panel indication to show boiler status
    • Proven solid-state technology for long life
    • Soft start and zero volt switching to avoid power surges

Costs of Running

The cost of running depends heavily on the usage of the system.
There are multiple tariffs available which can be used in conjunction with the system including:

      • Standard Tariff
      • Economy seven
      • Economy 10
      • Electric Car Owners Tariff


Significant savings can be made by choosing the tariff to fit your lifestyle.
We will be happy to work with you to choose the best tariff.

For a rough comparison we found these figures on the web:

  • Small flat – gas heating £450 per year – electric boiler £470 a year
  • Detached house – gas heating £1150 per year – electric boiler £1000 a year

The source is here

For Further Information

We have the following documents available:

Electric Heating Brochure issue 2

Electromax User Instructions

David Hill November 2019

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